Audubon Society visit
Audubon Society visit
 cypress knees
Cypress Knees

The Nature Trail

Bring your hiking shoes as you set out on our nature trail in search of adventure.  Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a bird watcher, a nature-lover or a history seeker, you will not be disappointed.

LeConte-Woodmanston has achieved recognition as part of the Coastal Birding, Bartram and Historic Liberty Trails. It is also on the American Heritage Trail portion of the Coastal Georgia Greenway.

The interpretive nature trail provides many opportunities to learn about native birds, animals and plants. Signs in place all along the trail will assist you in identifying wildlife and plant species. Of course, not all wildlife is friendly! Snakes have been seen from time to time so it is important watch where you are walking and avoid disturbing them. You'll find the majority of the trail accessible, whether you are young or old, especially if you remain on the walkways and bridges that have been constructed.

Bird species are especially plentiful during the migratory season including waterfowl like herons and egrets.

The Coastal Audubon Society has deemed us a "unique birding habitat" and will be involved in promoting us as a birding site. We now have birding lists available for recording sightings. You can pick a birding list up at the site before heading out on the nature trail.

The trail, which leads over a trunk canal to former rice fields and a cypress swamp, also played a major role in the plantation's history. You can read more about that on the "History" page.

For information about any changes in the nature trail go to the "news" page. If you'd like to come and see it for yourself go to the "Plan Your Visit" and "Contact Us" pages.