Carolina Jasmine
Carolina Jasmine

Future Plans

LeConte-Woodmanston already has much to offer in terms of history, beauty and discovery but, in our vision of the future, the best is yet to come. During the next two years, foundation members and many others will be working together to complete the provisions of our Master Plan and to make the Memorial Project a reality. In doing so, LeConte-Woodmanston will become an historical and ecological resource with a value which transcends county or state lines.

A coastal lagoon and the expansion of our gardens will provide a beautiful setting as the "Memorial Walk" meanders through our 7-acre meadow. A groundbreaking ceremony for the "Memorial Walk" was held recently. View pictures taken during the ceremony.

In addition, we are developing plans for a Regional Science Center...a fitting tribute to the LeConte family's scientific legacy spanning 200 years. This will be of interest to school children as well as adults.

Construction of a multipurpose chapel/recital hall, that will be made available to the public for weddings, concerts and other celebrations, is also in the planning stages. 

Enclosure of our Education Pavilion will better serve those arriving for group tours, school visits and private functions.

Expansion of the nature trails on our 64-acre site is important now that we are part of the Coastal Georgia Greenway.

The planting of an extensive collection of Georgia-cultivated Camellias will create a "must-see" for Camellia lovers. Completion of Louis LeConte's 1 acre reconstructed historic gardens will also provide much in the way of beauty and interest as will the establishment of Endangered Species and Experimental gardens. Creation of a garden nursery where LeConte Pear trees, Louis LeConte's famed Alba Plena Camellias and endangered native plants can be propagated is another of our goals.

Yes, excitement is in the air at LeConte-Woodmanston! Would you like to help make our vision a reality? Find out how you can get involved. To check on our progress go to the "Recent Updates" page.